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2020. Deep-water shipwrecks as a microcosm of Late Roman maritime exchange in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Brennan, Michael L., Dan Davis, Andrei Opaiţ, Marshall Stay

Journal of Roman Archaeology 33: 291-330

2018. Telepresence-enabled maritime archaeology in the deep.

Brennan, Michael L., Frank Cantelas, Kelley Elliott, James P. Delgado, Katherine L.C. Bell, Dwight Coleman, Allison Fundis, Jack Irion, Hans K. Van Tilburg, Robert D. Ballard

Journal of Maritime Archaeology 13: 97-121.


2018. Archaeological survey of the ex-USS Independence (CVL22).

Delgado, James, Michael L. Brennan, Kelley Elliott, Russell E. Matthews, Megan Lickliter- Mundon, John G. Lambert, Frank Cantelas, Robert V. Schwemmer

Journal of Maritime Archaeology 13: 123-144.

2016. Quantification of bottom trawl fishing damage to ancient shipwreck sites.

Brennan, Michael L., Dan Davis, Robert D. Ballard, Arthur C. Trembanis, J. Ian Vaughn, Jason S. Krumholz, James P. Delgado, Christopher N. Roman, Clara Smart, Katherine L.C. Bell, Muhammet Duman, Carter DuVal

Marine Geology 371: 82-88. Read it here

2015. Bathymetric extent of recent trawl damage to the seabed captured by an ROV transect in the Alboran Sea.

Brennan, Michael L., Miquel Canals, Dwight F. Coleman, James A. Austin, Jr., David Amblas

Oceanography 28(4): 8-10. Read it here

2015. Fishing for common ground: Investigations of the impact of trawling on ancient shipwreck sites uncovers a potential for management synergy.

Krumholz, J.S. and M.L. Brennan

Marine Policy 61: 127-133. Read it here

2013. Preliminary geochemical assessment of limestone resources and stone use at Maya sites in the Three Rivers Region, Belize.

Brennan, Michael L., Eleanor M. King, Leslie C. Shaw, Stanley L. Walling, Fred Valdez, Jr.

Journal of Archaeological Science 40: 3178-3192. Read it here

2013. Ocean dynamics and anthropogenic impacts along the southern Black Sea shelf examined by the preservation of pre-modern shipwrecks.

Brennan, Michael L., Dan Davis, Chris Roman, Ilya Buynevich, Alexis Catsambis, Meko Kofahl, Derya Ürkmez, J. Ian Vaughn, Maureen Merrigan, Muhammet Duman,

Continental Shelf Research 53: 89-101. Read it here

2013. High-resolution imaging of the M/S Dodekanisos shipwreck site off Deveboynu Burnu, Turkey.

Brennan, Michael L.

International Journal of Nautical Archaeology 42(1): 204-208. Read it here

2012. Evaluation of the modern submarine landscape off southwestern Turkey through the documentation of ancient shipwreck sites.

Brennan, Michael L., Robert D. Ballard, Chris Roman, Katherine L. Croff Bell, Bridget Buxton, Dwight F. Coleman, Gabrielle Inglis, Orkan Koyagasioglu, Tufan Turanli

Continental Shelf Research 43: 55-70. Read it here

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